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Solve Your Time Problems. Achieve Goals. Enjoy Life's Moments.

  • An easy weekly template + real productivity = get your life back!
  • Apply simple solutions to design and create your productive perfect week
  • Achieve big goals and enjoy life's meaningful moments more often
  • Build sustainable habits and routines to upgrade your lifestyle

You will learn how to go from stressed out and time-crunched to feeling in control and enjoying a better quality of life.

-> What is the first thing you want to do with your extra time each week?

Heather will guide you, step-by-step, as she shares the same concepts, process and techniques she uses with her busy clients, who expect FAST results. With her guidance, you will learn how to make tangible changes right away, plus how you can continue to apply the simple framework over time to architect the lifestyle you desire.

This collection of tools, practical advice, and personal mentor coaching will help you overcome your biggest challenges with time slippage and competing priorities and make your “perfect week” your new normal.

Better than a masterclass. This isn't only a training, it's your transformation!

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • In your first free mission, within 10 minutes, you'll learn the basics through a short video and get the details on what to expect. Plus the 12-page Action Guide is yours to keep, whether you continue or not.
  • The first 4 missions (of 11) are free for you to check it out thoroughly.
  • In total, there are 5 main video lessons, loads of tips and techniques, detailed explanations, and personal examples to apply it all to real life
  • As you complete each short mission, you celebrate and advance to the next step!
  • You can share your progress or questions with the private group or keep things quiet with your own confidential journal.
  • Heather is there to cheer you on and give helpful tips along the way. You will see her pop into the group here and there, and she may even give you some private accolades as you complete your missions.
  • In addition to the Action Guide, you'll have access to the same Perfect Week Template Heather uses with clients, 3 Alternate Templates, and the Perfect Life activities planner, so you can use these simple tools again and again.
  • When you complete your quest, not only will you be living your perfectly productive life, but you will receive 2 BONUS exercises on overcoming fear and building a legacy.
  • Go at your own pace. You call the shots!
  • Need a Guarantee? You got it. If you truly believe you have not received valuable tools and instructions to help you improve the day-to-day quality of your professional and personal life, we will refund your money.

When you click on Get Started, you will enter your name and email login, answer 2 quick questions about your current productivity frustrations, then you're directly into Mission 1 with the video and Action Guide download. Let's Go!

Interested in private coaching for bigger, faster results? Book a call with Heather.

Coaching leaders since 2006, Heather has helped BUSY people achieve BIG exciting goals in business while also transforming their "life balance."

Helping hundreds of business owners and executives to create meaningful RESULTS has given Heather unique insights, plus proven methods and tools.

Stress reduction? Check.

Professional achievements? Check.

Lifestyle upgrades? Check.

She also knows that building a legacy of positive influence is not ONLY for the famous or obscenely wealthy. Each of us is already building our legacy day by day through every choice, whether it is intentionally positive, or legacy-minded...or not.

She is passionate about sharing simple solutions so that more people can experience serious professional effectiveness, peace of mind, and more daily joy through life's meaningful moments!

Quest Curriculum

  • 5 Levels
  • Coaching By Heather
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01

    The Basics of Perfectly Productive Weeks

    Learn how the "Perfect Week" framework will help you design and transition into your desired lifestyle in a few simple steps. Decide the value of achieving your goals, and quality of life you can create, through your quest.

  • Level 02

    Decide What You Need in Your Life

    Learn the best ways to create your own version of aPerfect Week and decide when to start actually living it, then dive into action with your first "real life" upgrade! What do you want to add in first?

  • Level 03

    Build Your Supportive Structure

    Learn how to use the Perfect Week framework to reduce anxiety, banish guilt, and pick up your new favorite techniques to flex and flow within your own customized structure of support.

  • Level 04

    Timing Is Everything

    Learn how to set boundaries you can keep, make the plan work around your own preferences, handle what used to be too-frequent exceptions, and STOP procrastinating living your good life!

  • Level 05

    Tricks For Sticking To The Plan

    Learn how to overcome the hardest parts of sticking to your plan. Need help saying No? I've got you covered! You'll use creative solutions to master good habits, and uphold your real priorities and values while your perfect week plan becomes your new (awesome) normal. Includes a BONUS Mission!

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Success Stories

  • Rebecca Weber

    A Game-Changer; I highly recommend it!

    "Having a simple yet effective way to manage all my activities –needs & wants– was a game-changer. I built my calendar around how I wanted my week to work and every week I would make adjustments that would get me closer to that perfect week. You'll learn that you have the power and the authority to design your schedule and life the way that you want to. I highly recommend architecting your Perfect Week through this system."

  • Rhiannon Bartlett

    I'll continue to use the skills for years to come!

    "The Perfect Week Quest was so helpful in giving me a thoughtful and meaningful way to approach how I schedule and prioritize my time. I loved the fact that it was step by step so that I had time to think about what worked best for me and my life along the way. I know I will continue to use the skills I learned for years to come!"

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  • 297

    One-time payment

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