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Simple Solutions to Upgrade Your Life

You will learn how to go from stressed out and time-crunched to feeling in control and enjoying a better quality of life. You can create tangible results within a week! Heather will guide you, step-by-step, as she shares the same process and techniques she uses with her business owner clients, who expect fast results. With her guidance, you will learn how you can continue to apply the simple framework over time to transition into the lifestyle you desire. This collection of tools, practical advice, and personal coaching will help you overcome your biggest time slippage challenges and make your “perfect week” your new normal. Try it FREE, then choose your adventure: $47 One-time purchase - Unlimited access $12 Monthly - Unlimited access + Includes Q&A coaching calls! Cancel any time.

    Heather Legge is a certified coach and founder of Envision Success Inc. Since 2006, she's coached hundreds of clients to create measurable, meaningful RESULTS. Leaders hire her to enhance their effectiveness and authentic moxie so they can build their legacy, and live with peace and joy.

    Quest Plan

    • 5 Stages
    • Coaching by Heather
    • Community Support
    • iOS & Android
    • Stage 01

      How To Live A Perfect Week

      Learn the basics of how the Perfect Week Template and Ideal Calendar framework help you design and transition into your desired lifestyle in 3 simple steps.

    • Stage 02

      Decide What You Want In Your Life

      Learn the best ways to create your Perfect Week and decide when to start actually living it, then dive into action with your first draft!

    • Stage 03

      Use Your Support Structure

      Learn how to use the Perfect Week calendar framework to reduce anxiety, and to flex and flow within your own supportive structure.

    • Stage 04

      Timing Is Everything

      Learn how to keep your boundaries, make the plan work around your own preferences, handle what used to be too-frequent exceptions, and stop procrastinating living your good life!

    • Stage 05

      Tricks For Sticking To The Plan

      Learn how to overcome the hardest parts of sticking to the plan and use creative solutions to master good habits, so you can uphold your real priorities and values while your perfect week plan becomes your new normal. Includes a BONUS Mission!

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      Heather and the community will support you step by step until you reach your goal and beyond

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